I'm gutted.

I've been at an annual workshop group for my day job for the last 2 days, and I volunteered to do the photography. I took my Nikon F5, SB800, 80-200mm, 60mm prime Macro, 50mm 1.8 prime and 20mm prime. All was going well on the first day, then we all (250 people) went for lunch - I left my gear in the room, where I thought it would be safe given that our whole group had booked the hotel and given that the hotel was in the middle of nowhere in the countryside. While we were eating, some **** walked into the hotel, hung about a bit, and then walked into the conference hall and took my bag and camera - nearly 1800 of kit!

I'm not insured for theft of property outside of my home and the workshop was an informal group of enthusiasts. And the hotel is the usual "all items left at own risk".

We have notified the police and have them on CCTV but I'm not confident.

I'm just gutted that the gear that I have bought honestly over the last 5 years has all been taken by some bloke who'll just sell it for next to nothing to buy some cocaine or something. I am left with nothing and it will take me a long time to get the money together to replace it, especially having just had a second child 3 weeks ago!

A sad day for me :-(