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How low can you turn the power down on these things? Thought about this or the 285.....in manual mode it would work well with my EOS system.

I have a TTL cord that is universal I just need it to fire I rock full manual at night anyway. I like to use a lot of ambient light, 1/30th second with the bounce flash turned down a LOT.

This flash would be used on an off-camera flash bracket
I have a couple 283s and a little Quantum battery. They're all close to twenty years old and still work as advertised. Tougher than a Wollensak tape recorder. On the front, the dial thing with the color coding is a plugin. It can be pulled out and replaced with a manual-ish power level setting dial that goes down to 1/4 of full power. As you dial the power down the recharge time goes way down as well. You'd have to Ebay for one of these. I'm sure someone here can give you the actual name of this device. I certainly can't anymore.

Good luck