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Before I got a Paterson orbital I used divided trays. I often got overdeveloped edges probably due to over-enthusiastic rocking..One day I found there were a few dead flies floating in the water that I had left in a tray. Out of curiosity I decided to find out how little I could move the tray and still get the flies to move around the tray. I found it was very little indeed. Slowly lifting one corner of the tray no more than 5 millimetres caused enough agitation to do the trick. So this has been my method ever since. I have the Orbital on a flat surface, and place a finger under a corner and slowly raise and lower it a few millimetres. I may repeat this once, or twice. Or may do it just once, before moving on to another corner -opposite or adjacent. I follow no pattern, but keep the developer moving slowly and continuously.
Thank you!

I have lifted the edge 10mm or perhaps more.

I keep Orbital usually at shallow water bath. So shallow that Orbital tank does not float. So the gently lifting on corner is easy.
I have somehow developed kind a fear of too little agitation, which has driven me to agitate too much.