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Hope you get all or at least some of your gear back. I suppose its black humour at your expense but I'll bet the thief kicks himself when someone tells him the F5 is not a digital and not worth a cracker (not true BTW - I own one - but that is the general view on the street about film cameras). Good luck and commiserations. OzJohn
The really sickening thing is that when these low life scum steal something - if they think it will be difficult to sell or might be easy to identify, they'll probably just chuck it in the trash. There was a story on here a while ago about some **** going through tents at a festival. The tents were next to a river. Anything the thief wanted, like digital cameras, went in his bag. Anything he didn't want, like the posters film camera, went in the river.
It isn't just about stealing - it is about not giving a s*** about anyone else.

I really hope your stuff turns up.