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The colour of the 131 changes as a session goes on, more than other papers I've tried.
Here's the last photo from yesterday's printing session. I had started with about 6-7 minutes in the developer. By the time I got to this one, developing time was up to 35 minutes. I must say, the colour was a surprise. Usually the tones at this point are quite peachy/salmony. I've never had this colour before - someone dropped a few raspberries into the punch this time.
As you know it's your developer that exhausts. This can be mitigated by using a lot more of it, which I know Bob does. Something like several gallons of developer at once. When I process lith prints I use one gallon of developer in a 16x20" tray. 800ml of this is old brown, and I season the developer with a couple of sheets of useless paper before I start. The gallon gives me several consistent runs on 11x14 paper, and it takes a long time for the developer to start exhausting. The change is very slow.
I've never seen that color with Fomatone either.