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I tend to agree with your comparison as generally speaking E6 surpasses C41 in terms of resolution and grain.

Are your test procedures and results published? And if so where?

Hello Les,

test procedures and results were published several times so far in threads here on apug (just about two months ago for example in long thread concerning resolution of BW films, as we have not only tested color but also BW films), and several times in Germany at aphog.de.
Of course the presentation on forums is and have to be a bit compressed. In a separate publication we will go further into detail.

Furthermore some complete reports were given to some optic, film and photo chemistry manufactureres who were interested in the results.

We intend to publish the whole project online in the future, but there are some significant problems:

1. It is very expensive, and we have already invested a huge amount of money. We are financing it by ourselves, no support from others.
2. Time, it's a lot of work.
3. It is very very difficult to present high resolution via internet and computermonitors; so we have to test some methods for the best, most objective presentation.

Therefore it is still a long way to go, maybe next year.

Best regards,