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The TMX films are noticeably finer grained than their Delta counterparts. That will show up in areas of featureless density such as skies.

I've got tests on this I can post if it will be of interest to anybody.

How is a 16x20" print from a 6x7cm negative a 3x enlargement??
Frankly, hard to notice, Michael, at least with Rollei RLS and even XTOL. Delta does seems to give better separation and detail even though it can resolve at 65 lp/mm compared to 80 for TMX. Anyway, assuming proper development in a fine grain developer, the limiting factor is always lenses, focus, and motion blur if not using a tripod.

Interesting article by Erwin Puts here..http://www.imx.nl/photo/Film/page123/page123.html