Yesterday I made continuous tone Ilford Warmtone contact silver prints , using evil capture methods, but using good analoque historical silver negative material, I wore my blinders during the evil capture method and took them off when I was using good analogue water and chemical.
the results is the evil capture silver negative can make wonderful continuous tone good silver prints.
This opens a whole can of whoopass as I now need to approach the Dark Lord *Harmon* to purchase rolls of good analogue film and then with Evil capture methods and lasssser devices produce enlarged negatives for good contact printing.
The upshot of all this is I feel like I am in a Blade Runner movie trying to save my Darkroom.

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I think it's a great idea. In the past I've tried lith printing from diginegs with the help of David Eisenlord, and it works beautifully! I'm sure you know this already...

It's fantastic to be able to teach more people the joys of silver printing. Will you give workshops of how to make standard silver gelatin prints from 'evil capture methods' too?

I really wish I could be in Toronto if only to lend a hand.

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