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Actually without promoting the digi neg idea too much as digi is not what this site is about,

I am able to teach young students who only know digital capture, the beauty of darkroom silver gelatin prints.
IMHO this is a step in the right direction to DEFEND THE DARKROOM, by teaching legions of young souls the beauty of the red light room.

I will get off my soapbox now but this is something to consider , as it goes a long way to make a new breed of silver gelatin devotees.
The analoque police need to look at this and see it as a bonus , the more people we encourage to work in a darkroom the better, pushing a whole enlarger setup is in most cases impractical, but a simple contact setup can be done in any bathroom or laundry room.
I could go on but its pointless to push this envelope here, unfortunately DPUG, does not have the membership that can make this type of discussion relevant. Its rather sad state of affairs.


You are absolutely doing the right thing. The only way to keep the flame alive is by not only to drive the young to buy more film but to harness the power of digital and bringing printing once again into the spotlight as the right medium to communicate with this form of art. Let's face it, printing is fairly dead because most digi-images (and even film) are now shared on the web and on social sites. Print is not even in the vocabulary of these people and with that, so much is lost. Marrying with the analog process of printing is absolutely brilliant and with lith especially, youngsters can really exploit their creativity and have a lot of fun at the same time.

I know this is out of the norm in this forum but as you've said, the audience is a lot bigger here and one should not be chastised for talking about promoting the analog output in a way that blends it with today's overwhelming technology. Kudos to you for taking the time to educate the youngsters in a meaningful manner.