Not exactly a fine grain issue at all, but Ektar having steeper dye spikes than most other color neg films, combined with a less than ideal scan (esp will small film sizes) = more risk for placing the
sample on unequal geometry one curve relative to another (esp if not corrected for color temp
imbalances in the first place); so you end up with a certain amt of 'dirt'. Easier to demonstate than explain. But it's a major source of complaints on this film from people shooting format and doingcasual scans - they blame the film for the off color, but it's generally the scan that's the real problem. One of the ways in which old-fashioned enlarging is actually more advanced in practical
results. It's not the kind of problem one can clean up in Fauxtoshop.(Though contrast increase masks are often needed enlarging smalnegs). Don't have time to explain in detail here.