Like may others on this forum, I shoot, as the mood or necessity strike, a variety of formats (35mm, 2 1/4, and 4x5). That said, I retain a particular liking for my first "serious" camera, my (now retired) Nikon F2AS.
This particular body has traveled the length and breadth of North America, and been shot (KM and KR only), in temperatures ranging from +40C to -45C without protest or failure. Perhaps encumbered by the weight of memory this particular item holds a special place: it is one of only three items in my "arsenal" ever to have been retired and put on "display" as an item of "memorabilia" (the fact that it among the three bodies used to shoot my last rolls of Kodachrome is, admittedly, part of its "specialness." What about others out there in APUGland? Is/are there a camera/cameras that can be considered a personal favorite?