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Having had a custom built wooden shed as a darkroom for the past 15 or so years I can recommend it.

Do you have a mains supply of water attached to your shed, if so how was it done. I remember when your darkroom was moved (by crane) so did it cause any problems?
Yes I do connect to the mains water when I move the darkroom (this is the 3rd move). I normally take a spur from the nearest point in the house and run the pipe underground to the darkroom. However, the house I now live in had an outside tap near to where the darkroom went so I picked up the supply there. In the 15 or so years that I've done this the water supply has frozen only twice and both were during brass monkey weather. I do make sure that the pipes are well insulated. Hopefully, Both me and my wife don't ever wish to move house again and I have said my next move will be in a pine box, or cardboard, when I pop my clogs.