I would like to offer for trade or sale my 48 inch Apocromat Artar lens. It is large and heavy with a brass barrel. It does not have any aperture blades as they were removed by the previous owner, but this can be placed in a large shutter with appropriate adapters and loss of speed or with waterhouse stops in the slot of the barrel. It is not coated and has several small bubbles as per usual of this vintage lens. There may be small cleaning marks on the glass, but no scratches that I could see. Includes the retaining ring. I intended to mount this in a shutter and use it on my 20x24 camera, but I never got around to it. It includes a very large metal front cap. Be advised: this is a very old and well used lens. It is not pristine and the glass is not like modern lenses, but it is scratch and fungus free.

I would like to trade it for any one of the following:

300mm Componon-S (not the older Componon)
305mm G-Claron in barrel
305 Repro-Claron in barrel
300mm Apo-Ronar in barrel
12 inch Artar in barrel

I want a lens of this focal length for my 8x10 enlarger, so no shutters, please. I will consider other 8x10 or 4x5 items, but no 35mm or MF stuff. I will sell for $300.