There is an APUGer that did a photograph for Bessler in the early 1980's it was all done in camera a nude reflected on a chrom ball, and a few other effects.

This is what I keep going on about, the thrill is gone to some extent. There is some stunning complicated digital work being done, but this in-camera work of old is well...... working without a net.

Simply shooting a day long assignment and waiting a day for the chromes was exhilerating, never spent the money until the chromes came back, and you held your breath till they did.

Remember sending super complicated stuff to the lab in batch A and B, telling them not to soup B until A was done, I would switch backs on the Hasselblad making sure complicated stuff was on two separate rolls.

Thanks to OP for posting these images, has me energized to do something new, something the digital shooters can not offer folks.
This middle age horse may just have something left to offer discerning clients.