Of course it works. As you know as engineer , rapid manufacturing of mold business use that technology with epoxy.
Material Cast Composite from England is the inventor of this technology and they print stereolithograpkically %40 ceramic powder and % 60 epoxy mixture with laser , layer on layer when epoxy was curing with laser light and than take the printed mass , fire the epoxy in reduction environment and than sinter the ceramic and create a sponge like ceramic part. Than they melt copper and when the ceramic part touches the molten copper , copper elavates in the sponge and cover the all holes.
This technology is using by the F1 Society to create replacable liners for the pistons. There is no other technology better than this.
F1 , now uses linerless engine blocks and I dont know how the rechnology of this company reacts.
I have a British Patent Application printed at the Offical Gazette to use electric current and man made hybrid powder structures for
to create engine blocks like a Turkish Rug within few minutes.