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Would you be able to store it in the fridge in the polaroid back?
I stored some of it in 2 different types of back and only had a problem with the one.

I was using 3 different types of fuji film at one one point, so I had 3000b in my camera, 100c in my bronica back and 100b in my type 100back (off a polaroid passport camera). I never had any problems with the polaroid camera or back, but whenever I kept it in the bronica back for a long period in the fridge there would be a green square on the image the exact size of the 6x6 frame, why this happened I have no idea. you can see it here http://thesadstork.deviantart.com/ga...50420#/d3ex3xh.

It was only ever the very top poaroid too, so the others were fine.

So to cut a rambling story short - yes you can... as long as it's not a bronica back and/but possibly just my particular back.

I hope that helps and makes sense.