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No, they are not going to go airborne -- think of crystalline powders such as table salt. Besides. you are not going to be mixing powders together. You will be dissolving them in water in the order that they are given in the formula. When one chemical has dissolved then you can add the next one.

The only exception is when dealing with Metol. In this case a small amount of the sodium sulfite is dissolved, then the Metol and then the rest of the sulfite. This is done because Metol dissolves only with difficulty in concentrated sodium sulfite solutions.
Gerald, I've always been curious about this. How much more difficult is it to dissolve Metol in water without the "pinch" of sulfite that is usually recommended? I'm asking because I use a lot of Perceptol which comes in two parts. Part B lists Sodium Sulfite on the packet but I don't think there is any Sulfite in Part A, which is the Metol, and Part A seems to go into solution quite quickly/easily.