Hey, everybody. I am currently borrowing a Bronica ETRS to try out from a friend who wants to sell it to me. The camera is your standard ETRS body/120 back/75mm/regular prism and everything is in great condition. However, the only problem is that the prism is missing the stock -1.5 diopter. Now, I have 20/20 vision and have been borrowing a diopter from my photo club's ETRS, but if I do decide to buy it (and I want to as I enjoyed using it so far) I will need that -1.5 diopter because I can't use it otherwise. It also seems that finding an official Bronica -1.5 diopter is pretty much a lost cause because they rarely pop up and when they do, they're expensive (as are all ETRS viewfinders, jeez!).

I found a post here from a while ago about crafting out your own diopters out of cheap glasses, but I stopped by three dollar stores today and could only find glasses with +ive "ratings". Now I am puzzled as to how I can obtain a -1.5 lens. Anyone have any tips or ideas? I've thought about asking a store that specializes in prescription eyeglasses, but I'm not sure.