I ended up just sticking my polaroid back in the fridge - I figure that I might have to let it warm back up again for about half an hour before using it.

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To the OP,
Is Amazon.com available to you folks down-under?
A search on Amazon USA shows a few sellers as low as $3.95USD, for FP100c - $6.45USD, for FP3000b.
Maybe, use the Amazon link like a search directory, find companies that are selling at the right price,
then/or, contact those companies directly.
Another thought, can you access Japanese suppliers/retailers for a better deal?

PS: B&H Photo is a great company to do business with, I'm just trying to offer some other ideas for the future.
Marc B:
No, there is no Amazon Australia unfortunately. If I want to get stuff from Amazon US then I have to use a mail forwarder or a relative/friend living over there to get somewhat reasonable postage rates as they charge an arm and a leg for shipping overseas. A quick browse on eBay shows some prospects, but it's still kind of expensive and not in the bulk I can get ordering from the US.

The Japanese one is an idea, though a quick look at Japan Exposures have prices similar to local, and that's before shipping.
I was in contact with another member who was offering to sell me some FP-100B, might end up ordering a big pile from him and then clog up my fridge with it lol.