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I agree that comparing 35mm and medium format is apples and oranges...

However I have used many enlarging lenses (unfortunately not the Focotar) and found that the Nikkor 50mm 2.8 was at the *lower* end of the 5-6 element design range, easily beaten by the basic Componon and Rodagon models.

In fact, the 4 element Meopta Anaret came close to the Nikkor, but that's more a great compliment for the Anaret rather than a negative for the Nikkor.
I also used the 4 element Nikkor 50mm 4.0, but that was very disappointing (maybe the doggiest Nikon product I've used).

About enlargers: I do see differences between models, obviously between condenser and diffusion designs, but also not all condensers are created equal.
I certainly find it possible that the Foctar enlarger could have a "superstar" condenser system which makes a visible difference (we are talking about an entire projection *system* here) and I've heard claims about its quality from several reliable sources as well.
Yes, Leitz Focomat V35 uses unique projection system.
Its a well known fact that Rodagon way outperforms Nikkor.