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I was very happy to find a fairly clean copy of this lens in the junk bin yesterday but when I got home I discovered the problem. The focus ring goes from MFD to about 5 meters and then binds and won't go any further. Where it stops it doesn't hit a hard stop with a clack like at the normal end of the range. It just suddenly gets tight and stops.

So I want to take this lens apart and see what's going on but don't know where to begin. The lens butt has about 7 or 8 tiny screws so I'm a bit intimidated, not knowing which ones to loosen. Should I start from the front?

Does anyone have experience disassembling this or similar lenses? How complicated is the focusing mechanism? Are there certain things I need to mark or note during dis-assembly in order to get it back together properly? And most importantly, does anyone have any convincing theories on what may be causing the problem?

Any help or advice appreciated!
This is among the few DIY sources on Bronica S/PS lenses I've ever seen. Might at least given some idea of what you're in for:


The 105/3.5 S is a very sweet lens and worth saving. They're a bit of a rarity now. Snagged one a year ago in pristine condition for very little $. Actually prefer it to the 80/2.8 PS. Good luck!