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A year ago, I bought a Hasselblad camera, so I decided to test TMAX400 (120) and HC110 for this camera. These are the results that I found:
Film: TMAX400.
EI 250
Pre-washed: Water, during 1 minute of constant agitation.
Developer: HC110 (E- 1:47)
Developed two rolls of film, continuous agitation during the first 30 seconds, and then 3 times each 30 seconds.
Time of developing: 8 minutes.
Temperature: 20ĒC.
Stop bath: Tetenal Stop, 1:19, and 1 minute with constant agitation.
Fixer bath: Tetenal, 1:9, 10 minutes. The first minute with continue agitation, and then 5 times each 30 seconds.
After having taken pictures of a Kodak grey card, I found the following relative densities:
Zone 8: 1,25
Zone 5: 0,63
Zone 1: 0,10
These densities have been measured with my RH Designs Analyzer Pro. Theoretically, if you work with a condenser enlarger, like my case, a good exposed and developed film should have the following relative densities: ZI: 0.08 - 0.11 / ZV: 0.60 - 0.70 / ZVIII: 1.15 - 1.25.

Some months ago, I completed this test with the following results:
Developed: 9.5 minutes.
Zone 1: 0,10
Zone 7: 1,25

Developed: 6.5 minutes
Zone 1: 0,10
Zone 9: 1,25

I hope this information could be useful for you and anybody in this forum.
Henry, I'm a little surprised your Zone 1 density is the same for N-1, N, N+1 rating the film at EI 250 in all cases. TMY is a straight line film with a short toe so Zone 1 tends to move as development times are altered. Just a thought.