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Rudeofus, there is no way to know for sure how most people treat their cameras, if there are 4 strong pronounced season and so on.
Well, those who don't treat their cameras well are prone to see the result of their actions pretty soon.
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Also, You don't have Your curent location displayed and are not subscriber. 2 signs that photography and cameras are not of interest for You.
Whatever my private details or interests are, they should be of no concern to you. Besides your location and subscriber status you contributed no useful information, not even any signs of real knowledge into this to this thread and your "Michael, old buddy, nice to see you again, we're so cool, aren't we?" bluff won't save your face here. Insults and accusations won't either.

But I can tell you one little secret about me: putting you in my ignore list is a clear sign that You, Your attitude and Your (lack of) knowledge are not of interest for Me. Bye!