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As Tom states, I recall J&C went beyond under when faced with lawsuits etc. This was years ago, and I sincerely doubt J&C "own" the name Rodinal. They were too small an operation to be able to afford it IF it were even up for sale.

John's business went under due to bad business practices and the like. I'm sure there's something around somewhere about the actual name Rodinal?.
Hate to tell you different but it's easy to find where John Mikakais of J&C registered the Rodinal Trade mark in the US it was over 5 years ago in the February and believe me it HAPPENED

Get your facts right before assuming it was up for sale it wasn't, Agfa just failed to keep up the registration. Yes he ran a very dubious business but his poisonous legacy is Agfa themselves had no interest in taking back their Rodinal trade name/mark so no-one else can use it either.

Remember that Orwo had been paid to drop Agfa trade names, and Calbe was the former Orwo chemical division, so both Agfa and Calbe would have been against J&C passing off Calbe RO9 as Rodinal.