I'm in the planning stages of doing a get together for Oceano Dunes In Feb 2012 but I want to see the interest in this before i do a full blown get together, any interest please feel free to chime in on this and I am doing this in honor of my very good friend Per Volquartz, as most of you know he suddenly past away in July of this year and since i will be in California and having never been there before I was hoping to get a bunch of us together to swap stories and images and etc. This is open to all formats including 35mm and of course larger, I will most likely be bringing my Mamiya RZ67 and my 8x10 Burke & James.... I will also be showing the last images me and Per had worked on in May after the Tonopah gathering.

Hope all is well with everyone and the dates are going to be Feb 24,25 & 26

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