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Yes, you can use the same fixer for both paper and film. However, you want to mix two seperate dilutions, label them and keep them seperate from each other. Do not reuse paper fix for film, of course you can go the other way and reuse film stock on paper. You don't want to chance dust contamination from paper onto the film.
Actually no, there are byproducts from film development that you don't want to get into your paper. Once fixer has been used on film, don't use it on paper.

You *really* don't want paper-dust in your film either, but a spot of filtering the fixer will, er, fix that.

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Worked fine! It was my first time developing so there quite a few mishaps! I had 2 problems with the final prints, Some were coming out in a strange cloudy effect… I dont think I left them in the stop bath long enough. Also the next day, after they had dried some of the image had run off the edges of the shot… I’ll post images…
Sounds like the paper was either improperly fixed (if it went orange or dark coloured) or improperly washed (if it went white). You need to make sure that:
* the paper hits the developer uniformly and is completely covered within a few seconds,
* don't let corners of the paper poke up out of the bath,
* same for fixer, and
* give the paper at least three good soaks in fresh water (3 consecutive baths of a few minutes) with agitation to make sure all the fixer is washed out.

Underfixed or underwashed prints will die rapidly. If they don't look right when brand new, your development is uneven.