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Not to dredge up an old subject, but I was doing my 'newbie' due diligence and used the search function.

Does anyone know if you can use any kind of inked stamp on the FRONT of the postcard, after printing?

After viewing a DIY Craft website the other day, I was struck with an idea for personalized Christmas cards. The process would include a sizeable red ink stamp on the front with personal greetings written in the normal areas on the back.
If it behaves like regular paper (and it should), then regular scrapbooking type stamps/ink should work. I've stamped on pearl RC with pigment inks and used embossing powder (I don't recommend the powder 'cause heating it to melt it causes the surface to bubble - duh ). But the ink worked fine. I suspect the dye based ones would work ok, too, since they dry faster.