I have a couple of Koni-Omega rangefinder medium format cameras. Since I only use one of them, I have decided to help out those who are toying with moving up to medium format (sorry - I don't have any LF gear. But if you are willing to loan me yours...). You can check out the camera at http://medfmt.8k.com/mf/korapid.html Scroll down to the first picture with a red background. The camera has been cleaned and adjusted. Although this is an "old" camera, it takes beautiful pictures. Included will be a 90mm lens and one film back. You will need to provide your own 120 film.

So here's the deal:

1. You post a reason why I should consider loaning you my camera.
2. I will pick who to send to. No democracy here, MY camera - I choose. If you don't have access to a darkroom, don't bother asking to have the camera.
3. I will send you the camera, I will cover shipping one way. If you live outside the US, I may ask you to split the cost of shipping.
4. You have the camera for 3 months from the day I ship it. Use it.
5. You send the camera back, you pay for insured shipping ($100 value is OK).
6. You send me what you consider to be the TWO BEST photographs you made with this camera. I will let you decide on print size and all those details (contact prints are NOT acceptable). I can dry mount & frame so don't waste your money on that nonsense unless you really want to.
7. Let a family member know what is going on so that if something happens to you I can still have my camera back.
8. All costs incurred due to your addiction to a larger format film are your responsibility.

As with anything mechanical there is the risk that something breaks. All I ask is that you take care of the camera, don't abuse it, don't disassemble it, keep it clean, and if it breaks - make sure you send me all of the pieces and a good story explaining what happened.

I only check APUG about once a day, so please be patient.