I came across this intriguing product yesterday. It's a high purity gelatin that remains liquid at room temperature. It's made by Norland Products and called HiPure liquid gelatin. Check it out -> http://www.norlandprod.com/fishgel/hipure.html

Here is what it says about using it as a photographic emulsion...

HiPure Liquid Gelatin is very suitable for use in photographic applications. It is deionized in the manufacturing process to remove all salts and the low molecular weight organic impurities. This gives a very pure gelatin with low ash. It should be noted that HiPure has no cysteine and very little methionine in its composition, so it is very low in sulphur.

HiPure's greatest advantage for photographic coatings is the fact that water solutions remain flowable liquids at room temperature which eliminates many of the handling problems associated with gelatin. Our liquid gelatin eliminates the need for heated coating equipment and its critical temperature and viscosity control. It mixes quickly into water with simple stirring and eliminates the problem of undissolved gelatin which cause coating flaws. HiPure also allows higher solid solutions to be formulated with the inherent advantage of faster drying time. No other gelatin is as easy to use in photographic coatings as HiPure Liquid Gelatin.

I don't really know what to make of it, but I'd love to hear what you folks out there think about it!