I used a tripod in times square for my Pentax 6x7, but not an 8x10. I have seen many others use a tripod. You might get hassled, but unless you do something crazy, I can't see you being deported. Just be careful riding your bike in Central Park. I got a "failure to comply" ticket that required me to attend court (which I did not attend). It almost resulted in me having a criminal record for biking on a path that wasn't supposed to be biked on for that one weekend (they had a pylon with a no biking sign on it that didn't exist the next day -a nice little trap).

You can jay-walk all you want, run red lights on your bike and if you're drinking in public, it's only $25. So, don't be surprised if you hassled. I doubt you will get deported though. But stranger things have happened in NYC. Just be as quick as you can.