For a first time effort the image looks superb, assuming you have not fundamentally altered exposure during the scan process to put it up here on APUG.

Essentially, metering off a highlight, mid-tone and shadow around the key subject will give you an ideal basal exposure. The tipping point can be the sky; often it is 2-3 stops over the basal readings, meaning over-exposure there is a given. This means if the sky is largely featureless, then it can be foresaken for correct exposure of the key elements of the image. If the sky is moody, overcast and atmospheric, it must be included in its richness of detail, and spot metering here of highlights and mid-tones, along with the rest of the image done likewise, will bring up a well-balance image.

This image is symmetrically very pleasing to the eye. The trees (firs?) are eyecatching. And that's a real nice house you have there.