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I think, whether we think Mr. Gursky is a great photographer or not, is just a little irrelevant.
That's true. There are two separate issues in question here. The first is the actual photograph and our opinions on its artistic value, etc. All of these opinions are just that and none of them are wrong as they are personal.

The other issue is the price paid. Is this a fair price for one person to hand over to another just for a photograph? It's not my money so I don't really care.

The only thing that bothers me is the perception the general public has of photographers and/or artists. Whilst some of us might think it's great that a photograph can sell for so much, the more general thinking is that these people must be living on another planet and it all gets put into the same category as piles of bricks, unmade beds and empty rooms with lights turning on and off as works of art.