For landscapes, I have/use/covet a later model Pentax V, analog, true One Degree, spot meter.
The later models use readily available modern alkaline/silver-oxide button cell batteries.
Used, it was $100.USD, near mint w/case.

One of the advantages using this meter for landscapes (my opinion),
is that the lens is threaded to accept screw on filters.
I don't have the meter in front of me, but IIRC the filter size is the same as some my C-series,
Mamiya TLR lenses; 46 or 49mm.
Screw your choice of filter/filter stack, and even a polarizer on the meter;
take your reading, then transfer the whole stack over to your camera.

I use a couple of step-up rings, and also mount filters for use on my 77mm RZ lenses.
To save money, most of my filters are 77mm.
I just use cheap step-up rings and inexpensive rubber hoods to fit all my other lenses up to that 77mm size.
My LF lenses cover about 3-4 different filter sizes between 46mm to 72 mm.
All used with step-up rings to 77mm, w/77mm filters and hoods.

I say frugal, others call me cheap. So be it.