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When I bought my first (replaced with another when the first one was stolen) 200/4 MicroNikkor AIS I had a TC-201. Nikon recommends the TC-301 for lenses 200 mm and longer, including the 200/4 MicroNikkor AIS. I used what I had, found it helpful for situations where I needed more magnification (the lens goes to 1:2 on its own mount, to 1:1 on the TC-201) or greater working distance. The lens is a bit soft at all apertures and gives lower contrast images than the other AIS MicroNikkors. With the TC-201 it was a little worse than on its own, still usable when I needed what it could do and the others couldn't.

Re the TC-301, read this:

Unless you need a lot of working distance you'd be better off with a 105 MicroNikkor than using a 300 with tubes and a TC. FWIW, if you need the working distance a Questar 700 (goes to 1:4 on its own mount) will be much better than a 300 on tubes and TC. For that matter, a decent 300/9 process lens on bellows (a mount adapter will be needed) will blow away y'r 300 from f/9 down. Decent process lenses include 305/9 Apo-Nikkor, 300/10 Apo Saphir, 12"/9 Apo Artar, ...