Congrats on getting what I think is one of the nicest cameras out there. I've had mine since about '88 with the Summicron-C 40mm and the 90mm Rokkor lenses. It is about the same size as the SM Leicas, smaller than the M6. When you get it, if it has not had a CLA for say the past 30 years, do yourself a favor and send to Sherry Krauter (sp?) to go through, do any of the production changes and adjust the meter for a modern battery. When done, it will be good for another 30 years. When I got mine the meter was a might jumpy so I sent it to Leica USA and they went through it but at the time, mercury batteries were not outlawed so the adjustment was not done. I've been using a C.H.R.I.S. adaptor and the meter is spot on with my 2 handheld meters.

The 40mm lens is one of the best Leica lenses out there. The lense is worth the admission price of the complete camera. The Minolta Rokkor 90mm is a Leica lens but is supposed to be better than the 90mm Leica for the CL. It came with the kit I bought and I do not know if better, as good not not as good but it is also an excellent lens. The only problem with this paring is the filter size is different so I have 2 sets of filters. Neither size is all that common.

The CL with the 40mm is a nice pocket camera if you have larger pockets. I have the CL shoulder bag that holds the body, 2 lenses and I carry a small flash and a couple of rolls of film. If your camera does not have the case, look for the original soft Leica case or get one of the new cases sold through eBay. The new cases eliminate the one thing some do not care for with the CL, the strap lugs being being on one end and hence the camera is on its side when hanging from your neck. I never found it an issue. However, in that position, the top on many seems to acquire a minor ding on the bottom (as it hangs) edge. Mine has it. Leica USA had new top covers but as I had bought it for everyday use vs being a shelf queen collectible I passed.

The meter is the reverse of I think all other cameras, if the meter dips below mid, the setting will over expose and vice versa. With a little practice with the shutter dial on the top front of the body will show there was a method to its madness and it becomes intuitive to use. The other thing that takes some practice is the use of the meter. It is a spot meter, covering the area about equal to the rangefinder patch. For those not used to a spot meter, expect some bad exposures. When used to using it, you'll wonder why all cameras do not use spot meters.

You'll find possibly a number of Leicaphiles who may disparage the CL as not being a real Leica as it was made by Minolta. Just ignore them as they miss the point that Leica designed the camera and did the quality control in the Minolta factory. Yes, the shutter is a might noisier than the M series but so what. If you want quiet get a Minox subminature. The lenses are Leica design and every bit Leica.

I use mine in almost all types of work from parties to nature photography, still lifes and potraiture. Not quite my main camera, that is a Bronica ETRS but I actually carry it and use it more. Since getting it, I've looked at M bodies as I always want one but each time I end up walking away as in the end, the CL is to me a better thought out camera for real everyday use and the size seems so much more practical. A near perfect camera for me.