Does anyone know of a good place to buy and buildup a B&W developing kit? I'm looking to use all the Ilford stuff (since I shoot Ilford B&W films) but don't want to get hosed on prices.

Have considered online but I'd like to support local businesses... if they stock them!

Specifically, I'm looking for beakers, storage bottles, funnels, the squeegee, film cap remover, leader retriever... etc etc. I already have a Patterson 4 developing tank. Just need the rest

The Loonie store is a great place, eh? Storage bottles? Empty 500ml bottled water bottles work well. Forget the squeegee and the film cap remover and extractor. Just use a a bottle opener to pop open the canister. I know Kerrisdale Camera in Coquitlam Centre has chemistry. They don't keep it on the floor so you have to ask for it. I think they still have some b/w film, but I only recall seeing HP5. I prefer making the trek down to Beau Photo. I mix up my own developers (pyrocat-hd), fix as it's way cheaper than buying it made.