I'm posting this note I received from Stig Gustafsson for 2 reasons:

1. Perhaps someone can help him with his subscription problem...

2. The use of half-tone or stochastic screens with Epson (ink-jet) produced separations warrants discussion. Any one doing this?

But first, Stig's note:

Can You please help me,I am trying to subscribe to APUG but there is something wrong with the subscr.page and I can not find the admin to send a mail.
The Subscr. page is supposed to show a picture but there is only an empty frame!

I still have some UltraStable and if I understood correctly from the APUG site it should still work?
If making a digital negative with Epson do I have problems with highlights.I had problems when using cont tone negs with light even sky's, stochastic separations worked ok and so did line separation negs.
I remember makin 3 US prints during the night (autochrome originals)for next day exhibition and my guest from Sweden Hans&Chia Nohlberg? told me at the breakfast that they heard the noise during the night when the print slashed against the try walls!
They where very impressed of how fast you could make Ultra Stable prints.
The sound was naturally very familiar for them.
I hope You can help me regarding APUG.

Best Regards

Stig Gustafsson <gustafssonstig14@gmail.com>