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Wouldn't just buying a folder like an Ansco Titan, Billy Record, etc. be a lot easier way to try out medium format? Not to knock your idea, but the only reason to use a Koni I can see is to try out different lenses (which I don't think you have) and different backs (which you don't seem to have) so as to do +/- development. I think there are a lot of coupled and even uncoupled rangefinders to be had for less than $100 or even $50. I suppose there are some people who can't come up with $100 or $50. If that is who you are trying to attract then is this sort of like a drug dealer offering the first one free? Just make sure you follow it up with, "You can't always get what you want, but you can always get what you need." :-)


There are some, me included who had the money but did not want to just go ahead and buy to see if they liked it. That money was precious and still is. If I bought the camera and did not like the format, I was stuck with it-Ebay was not around yet. It was an offer like this and the loaning of some reels that helped me make my decision for the price of film. A much better deal for me because I was not committed. My wife has hated that person ever since.