I have a cheapie made of tubular steel bought from a rep of chinese dealer that has set up a presence in Kitchener Ontario. I cannot recall their local marketting name at present.

It is heavier than comparable (more expensive) aluminum rigs I sized up before buying this about 5 years ago

I also have used an Amvona backdrop stand of the sort marketted on Ebay, and was not too impressed. It is still the same weight as the one I bought.
Amvona used a bayonet coupling system for the 4x 3' tube sections taht did not strike me as being all that reliable over the long haul, but went togehter with no tools.

Mine uses split curved steel inserts that expand inside the croos bar tube ends to hold the 4x3' sections together. The drag with this system is that you need to remove an allen key driven set screw every time you want to assemble/disassemble. The nice part is that it leaves the pipes as just that- straight tube sections, and the clamp really holds well.

I have a booking to take a group shot for a choir next week. I needed to expand the capabilities of the backdrop stand to about 16-17 feet to cover the people that I will be aranging in two rows at this location.

A trip to the hardware store yielded a 6' long piece of poplar dowel for under $10 that fit perfectly inside the cross bar tube.
So now I have the ability to expand the backdrop to hold my white 20x10 backdrop they want 'wide ways'.
It does hang out of the carry case, but I don't see myself making it part of my everyday shoot gear.

I hope this post gives you some ideas of the options to consider as you search for a new backdrop support.