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Good to see that you are still reading this Forum. I wonder how you have been doing your Dye Transfer work since, I think, you got rid of yuour coating mashine. Coating by hand? I am still working primereily on a Pan emulsion for Color sep. work. I think I just need to ballance sensitivity befor I have a working emulsion. Well, P.E. told me this would not be easy. That was 4 years ago! But I have only been working on it for 3.................................
If you can get the gelatin to harden on exposure at all It might be very,very delicate, with all that water. But "might be" never built an Italian city!
Bill - I sold all the coating equipment to Bud and the Formulary, and have been using the Fotokemika (Efke brand) film that was coated using my formulation. They coated 3 miles (3 master rolls) of the stuff and I have a freezer full of it. The coating setup was just used to develop the emulsion and make a few prints, I probably could have done that by hand coating, but the original intent was to be able to make 30x40" prints with my home-made matrix film. I did make quite a few 20x24" prints that turned out nicely. Still... you can't beat just taking sheets out of a box for simplicity! The only reason I started the project at all was because I had lots of equipment for making DT prints, and no source of film. I wouldn't have undertaken the project if the film had been available commercially. Talk about the Mother of Necessity!

Regards - Jim