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#1 Yes. You are likely to get a speed that is not what you finally intended. It also forces the old fragile gearing. I have read and follow the procedure of setting the speed, cocking, firing the shutter to make sure it is working at that speed, composing, focusing, cocking and firing.

John Powers
Can you explain in simple terms why cocking the shutter first is likely to give a speed that was not what was intended and what speed are you likely to get. I have an Agfa Isolette I with 3 speeds(1/25th, 1/50th and 1/200th)If I have cocked the shutter with the speed set at /25th what speed am I likely to get?

With the Agfa I am not clear how not to set the speed before cocking the shutter. If the correct exposure is 1/25th for the forthcoming shot and was 1/25th for the last shot as well what exactly should I do to get the correct speed?

Are you saying that each time I should cock and fire the shutter first then do it all over again. I am not clear why this is prevents the problem you mention of getting the correct shutter speed. I presume that this requires a lens cap so no light hits the negative?

I am somewat confused as you will see. I may have misunderstood the first part of your post completely