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Due to the loss of highlight detail in the carbon process, it is necessary to use high-resolution (300-400 lpi) halft-tone or stochastic screens with con-tone negatives.
That may be true but I am not prepared to take it as gospel without trying it myself first. There are people making very nice highlights with QTR digital negatives and a double transfer too, and others with film. My highlights suck at the moment, however I think a large part of the highlight problem with carbon is due to its straight line characteristic curve, as a result the highlights tend to be percieved as high contrast. If you linearise your negatives for L instaed of density, 50% grey is printed much paler to match human sight and the highlights are printed with much less contrast. Check out this by Gary Baker http://www.fotosavant.com/Contest/Ga...ilkweedPod.htm