So I have been bouncing around the idea of putting together a simple publication for the wet plate community. I have bounced the idea of a few forum members and they all seemed to think it would be a good little thing to have.

Let me be straight about the idea so no one thinks it is for some commercial gain or anything like that. I am a big fan of the turn of the century quarterly publications that were around that contained the works of what have come to be known as some of the most recognized artists of our time. Camera work stands out among these for me. There seemed to be something fantastic about holding in your hand good quality reproductions of work by current practitioners of the evolving arts and process at the time. I like the in hand idea of it all.

I would like to be able to display work sent in by the artists, that they feel show what it is they want it to show. While also displaying a clear notion of their grasp of their medium. No preconceived ideas of what is right or wrong as far as the work goes. Just simply quality works that move the viewer in some way or another.

I would also like to compile a list of those giving workshops and classes in the various processes around the country. So there is an easy index for new comers to search and find people that are respected in the field, so they can get a good footing as they start out. Without fear of being ripped off and sent in a direction that could actually hurt them in the long run.

There would also be a section for the people that are providing services and products based around wet plate. The whole Dana/Yaquina thing really got me thinking of how the internet gives people the ability to change their name and keep on with their shitty practices and screw people. So I think a list compiled with community backing and support would be a great guide to help people searching for products or services and would give the supply channel a little help. I would not be seeking ad revenue for these slots.

Also I have spoken to a few well known experts on different subjects about them adding in a page once in a while to help school some of us that are not up on all the tricks and unknown goodies to be had out there. Wisdom is a great thing.

Then add in tidbits and articles taken from publications from the wet plate era, from the likes of the Philadelphia Photographer and such.

So in a nutshell I am looking to spend my time this winter putting something like this together. I am curious who would be interested in getting something like this in the mail every few months? I am talking to a few printing firms here in NYC that could do it for a fair price. So it would simply cost the subscribers what it cost to print the issue and then the postage by media mail. Which would not be much.

So who would be interested in sharing their work, words and wisdom? I want this to have a very community driven movement behind it. Plus it would be a cool thing to have on your coffee table at home when friends stop by.

I am thinking if it can be done to do it in a nice larger format so the detail does not get lost.

Well its an idea. Sorry for the rant.

Go check it out, sorry about the video. I am not super video savy.

and of course

If anyone wants to send me some samples of their work or gives me permission to pull work from their online galleries, please let me know.
I already have some outstanding artists adding their work.

Sorry the main site for this project is lagging, I am not super web design savy.