Loved mine.. and do miss it, found the rangefinder to be very accurate with 90mm Elmar... BUT the damn shutter dragged below 50 deg F... paid for a service... and told about the secrets of Lieca oil... and still it drug the curtain and ruined photos of my children on a great winter day... traded for a Shen Hao.

The cl lens is it a 40 or 45mm... anyway the best 35mm format lens I have USED... just slightly better than a Nikkor 55mm micro... of cource different rendering that Leica look that some people don't understand... I can spot it a mile off. Nothing wrong with the Nikon look either... perhaps it is just that more Leica negs are printed by more carefull printers than others... Not meaning to start a fight. Just the opinion of my seasoned eye, and I look and seek out photograph collections in EVERY city I visit.