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Never cock the shutter before setting the shutter speed, with some you could cause severe damage should you need to move from say 125 to 10, and never leave the shutter cocked,set the speed, cock the shutter and compose and fire,then repeat for next shot, carry the camera, folded or not, uncocked otherwise if you forget to fire and leave a few weeks or perhaps months the next time you want to use the camera the shutter can freeze, and it is best to store them with the shutter set to the slowest, normally 1 sec,

Good morning, Richard, et al;

Please be careful when making "General Statements" of Fact and Policy Applicable to All Things. Quickly you learn about "The Exceptions."

In this case, most of the Russian, Ukraine, or similar Former Soviet Union (FSU) cameras REQUIRE exactly the opposite care and procedure: FIRST you cock or arm the shutter of most FSU cameras, THEN you change the shutter speed selection on most FSU cameras. Failure to follow this procedural order probably will damage or at least knock out of calibration the shutter speed dial on most FSU cameras.

These precautions are included in the operational instructions for the Kiev-88, Kiev-88CM, FED-2c, Zorki-4, and Zorki-4K cameras here, and are valid for all of the other FSU cameras with which I am familiar, but I admit that I do not have samples of every Russian or FSU camera.

Obtain a copy of, and read, the instruction manual for your camera.

I also fire to release the tension on the shutter mechanism before I store the camera.