We may want to start a new thread over on DPUG about digital half-tone negatives, however it seems it would be better to keep it all here. I have started attempting/experimenting with half-tone negatives from an inkjet printer. I have not gotten results worthy of attempting a carbon print yet, as the screen is still too course. But I'm still at very early stages of trying different methods. Most the info out there is from silk screen printers, who don't need the resolutions we need with a carbon print. There is some stuff from photogravure people and they are using aqua-tint screens in combination with digital negatives. That may be the way to go, but there are still more methods to try first.

I started this quest after seeing the highlight detail in CMB' prints. I'm far from a great carbon printer, but I can't even get close with a digital negative to his examples with half-tone negatives.