I just mean you will not personally be printing in the workshop. You'll have to bring a portfolio of prints to present, and also bring the negatives since it can be very helpful for John to look at your actual negatives. The film development, darkroom, and printing skills are demonstrated by John in his darkroom (with assistance from his wife Anne Larsen, who works closely with John and is a fine photographer and printmaker herself). Anne also does some additional excellent demonstrations on spotting, finishing and mounting.

It is an excellent workshop full of information, and John is very open about anything you are interested in asking. As a plus, since he worked closely with Ansel Adams, you'll get to hear some great stories, and see alot of interesting eye-openers like straight prints of Ansel's Moonrise.

Back when I attended there was also an afternoon field trip to Point Lobos one day, where you could either do some photography on your own, or hang out with John while he demonstrated metering and view camera technique.