This thread has been quiet for some time, which is a shame because I've enjoyed seeing and learning how others work up a print from the negative. I hope others will continue to contribute.

Here is a recent image from McCormicks's Creek State Park in Indiana. The creek above the main falls is shallow, and was dotted with freshly fallen leaves.

Negative: TMY developed in Pyrocat HD
Print: Ilford MGIV toned in selenium and thiocarbamide

The tones in the leaves unfortunately melded with the background more than I had anticipated. I played with the negative scan in photoshop quite a bit to explore variations in tonal representation and decided to go with a very hard contrast for the print.

- The main exposure was made with a grade 5 filter on VC paper
- A supplemental exposure, also at grade 5, was made with a sheet of Yupo (frosted paper) laying over the paper for a slight diffusion
- Additional burn exposures were done with a softer grade filter (1) through the Yupo on the corners and edges.

After the processing steps, the print was toned in selenium to solidify the shadows.

After a thorough wash, the print was subsequently bleached and toned in thiocarbamide.

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