I think that before you sign up for any workshop, you should determine what you hope to learn, and if the workshop will address those skills.

Rick has the right idea, the negative is the first step to a good print, but we don't always have the ability to start with a good negative. So the next step is to develop an eye for what is possible from a given negative. If you have anyone near you who is willing, perhaps ask them to print one of your negatives to see how they would interpret it, and explain how they did it.

Hopefully, that would provide an indication of the skills you would like to learn and practice.

As an aside, there seems to be two basic schools of thought when it comes to printing: Those who prefer basic prints that can be produced with straight-forward technique. And those who produce prints using a wide variety of darkroom techniques on the same print. While I admire (and envy) the second sort, my heart is with the first group.

For clarification: I consider basic techniques to include exposure, contrast and simple dodge/burns. Advanced techniques would include multiple dodge/burns, different developers, pre-flashing, bleaching and so on.

Just my $.02