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I thought the salicylic acid was a chelating agent (for iron?), but I'm wondering why the TEA is in there, considering that there's plenty of alkali in the 75 g of sulfite. Is TEA also a chelating agent for something? Or could the TEA also perform a role in development?

I'm wondering if the salicylic and TEA can be dropped if distilled water is used.

Mark Overton
The TEA is also a chelating agent and with the salicylic acid seems to increase the chelation of iron.

Iron is a common impurity of many inorganic chemicals and so you cannot get around not using a chelating agent just by mixing the developer with distilled water. Salicylic acid can be obtained from many compounding pharmacies. It shouldn't be expensive. I purchased 250 g a few years ago for $1o. TEA can be purchased from such locations as www.chemistrystore.com.